2015-2016 Season

  Welcome to the Sherman High Tennis Page.  Tennis season is in session every spring ranging from around February to May, and is coached by Mr. Rick Saunders.  The practices and home games take place at Racine park after school.  The girls tennis team has four singles positions, and three doubles positions, which are ranked.  At the beginning of every season, these spots are filled through a small tournament in which the best tennis players get the highest ranks.  However, any one of these positions may be challenged at any point throughout the tennis season.

Molly Larzo
Josie Buzzard
Haley Halstead 12th
Ashley Massey 11th
Keely Shafer 11th
Halee Ring 11th
Camiella Martin 11th
Courtney Hensley 10th
Hannah Jones 9th
Kayla Hartsell 9th
Kristen Cochran 9th
Candice Elswick 9th
Tori Massey 9th
Taylor Snodgrass 9th

      Please see Tyler Craig or email Mr. Herron at if you have any information to supply.

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